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Best Practices for Retargeting

Best Practices for Retargeting

There are lots of people doing shopping over online, most them are window-shoppers. We need to convert the window-shoppers to buyers. 

Retargeting helps to turn the window-shoppers to potential buyers. Usually, on the first visit on webstore just 2% people would get converted, remaining 98% brought using this.

Retargeting,  targeting the people whom visited your webstore, which works by showing the retargeting ads to them when they visit other websites to turn them as buyer.

Working Methodology

We need to implement Javascript tag in footer of all the webpages in your webstore(Note: Retargeting Javascript tag would be generated from the platform you’re gonna use for Retargeting)

1.User visits your webstore

2.The Javscript tag creates a list of people visited your webstore by depositing the retargeting cookie to the browser.

3. Using the list you could display the retarget ads when user visit the other sites.

320×50 – Mobile Leaderboard


Right Ad -> Right People -> Right Place

Retargeting keep your brand on top-on-mind by bringing the “window-shoppers” in-turn a buyer. Whenever the targeted user sees your retargeted ad, your brand would be get recognized and a good exposure is gained. This would helps us with higher visits and conversions to your webstore.

Best Practices

It is effective if you have different slab of visitors, people visited cosmetics Vs cloths 

Retarget the converted people after a period time with the same segment.

Identify the best performing creative, it should have a good call-to-action and offer.

Based on the type of product retargeting time period should be provided i.e., Travel shoppers should be retargeted immediately likewise etc.

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