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Microbidding in RTB

Microbidding in RTB

With Digital media taking over it’s presence in the field of advertising, almost all the advertisers are fighting not just to create an awareness of their brand but also working tirelessly to get the right kind of audience that can contribute towards the end sales. Programmatic advertising is taking over the industry of adverting for having a larger user base.

When it comes to marketing, every penny matter. You can’t just decide on a forum and choose to spend on it for advertising. As an advertiser, it is important that you have a better understanding in the field you will be opting to advertise in order to have the best ROI. Microbidding is a solution developed mainly to channel your investment in the campaign precisely in an aspect where it is seen to show the maximum performance. 

In the age of technology where everything is automated, we can say that the introduction of artificial intelligence has made all our lives in programmatic much simpler. On understanding the bid flow, AI provides us a huge set of data that can be put into a greater use. Microbidding is an AI system based on a set of rules that the advertiser chooses to target pertaining to the KPI. 

In any platform, you get to setup a campaign with the respective targeting such as

  • Exchange
  • Sites/Apps
  • OS
  • Device maker
  • Device model

Once after the reports are pulled you get to compare each site with each metric. With microbidding, you can see which has performed well for which OS or device make/model. With this report, you generally create a new campaign with the target specifics obtained from the new reports. On a platform with microbidding setup, instead of creating a new campaign, you will be able to create a series of strategies where you will be adjusting the CPM based on their performance.

For example, Strategy 1: Set CPM for traffic from (site), iOS (OS), iphone (Device maker).

Strategy 2: Set CPM for the supply from Mopub (Exchange), Android (OS), OnePlus (Device maker) and OnePlus 5t (Device model).

Pretty cool right!

This means that you can now optimize on various levels with just one campaign in place. No need for duplicating a campaign. Saving a lot of time for the Ops team is what I’d say. Makes room for focusing much more important things in life. Also, it helps in investing your budget only in those specific that is seen to drive performance.

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