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Mobile Marketing in China

Mobile Marketing in China

Digital marketing in China continues to have tremendous growth which is focused mainly on Mobile. Approximately, 81% of advertisers seem to increase their spend on mobile whereas only 11% will increase their marketing spend on the desktop.
Mobiles are going to be the biggest profit in spending.

Many companies who move into the Chinese market fail to understand that advertising in China differs from their own domestic market. Advertising in China starts and ends with an understanding of Chinese consumer’s.

As the market grows bigger, there is a transformation from massive advertising towards targeted advertising and personalized campaigns. Users can be targeted in multiple ways according to their interests, demographics, location, type of device, the timing of platform use and lot more.

Since mobile advertising is booming, and if you use your website as a marketing and advertising medium, you need to ensure that it has been optimized for use on mobile as well, so that it is displayed properly and is easy to access on mobile devices.
China’s main focus is on Web targeting.
Web analytics platforms can be even more useful here for tracking of customer behavior and for measuring responses to mobile campaigns.

For any social media advertising it needs to be done through Chinaís social platforms, with some of the options including WeChat, Weibo and Youku, Since at China Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are banned so we must not focus about using these for mobile advertising.

Google is blocked in China, so any search engine advertising will need to be done using Chinaís search engines such as Baidu.
WeChat Advertising offers an excellent way to connect with a Chinese audience, it is considered as the best option as it is very popular with around 1 billion users with majority users from China. Advertising through WeChat was opened up for smaller brands as well from 2015 since it was previously restricted only for exclusive big brands alone.
Using WeChat Advertising we can also feature tags that are designed to help target your audience. These tags are based on age, gender, income level, education, profession, and several other factors.

Chinese users tend to give more attention to testimonials, reviews, and opinions from their peers and respected key opinion leaders (KOLs). Paid brand ambassadors and KOLs might be considered as an additional focus point for mobile advertising campaigns.

eMarketer expects that video ad spending can rise 35.8% this year to reach $7.80 billion. This rapid growth is due to the better-quality video content and a larger supply of ad inventory. Mobile video ads will definitely be a significant growth area in the upcoming years.

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