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What is Device Fingerprinting​ ?

What is Device Fingerprinting​ ?

Device fingerprinting is a technique to tackle the fraudulent activities done on mobile or computer devices or on that matter any device connected to an internet connection.

It plays a great role in detecting fraud traffic in a mobile or desktop product/service promotion. This technique is used by a tool which is integrated with the client’s server.

How does it work?

It makes use of the data or parameters which is easily/publically available for example:
1. Device name

2. Device type
3. Operating System/software Version

4. platform

5. IP Address

6. Carrier (in case of mobile)

All the above data helps the webmaster to understand the uniqueness and legitimacy of the traffic coming from one place. The actual situation arises when there are similar devices in a same place as a result of which they have same IP address. The data in altogether can help the webmaster identify how many unique visitors actually visited their website. A fraudster would mainly bear similar IP address and might check-in multiple times in the same website/app/program.

Challenges with Device Fingerprinting:

  1. This fraud detection method is not 100% accurate
  2. The attribution window should be within 24 hours
  3. The users of mobile devices are large, within a short span of time there are many clicks and installs happening in mobile apps/programs, as a result of which it is required for the attribution window to be more
  4. The accuracy of this method depends upon number of people sharing the same IP address. Accuracy of this method is inversely proportional to the number of people in sharing the same IP address.
  5. A new fingerprint is created every time a user changes the IP address or upgrades the OS. In this scenario the old fingerprint is not valid.

Solution to the existing problem:

A dynamic attribution window will help the webmaster to alter the window as per the volume of population bearing the same IP address.


Current Scenario:

With the introduction of new technologies, there are many tools which have their own iOS SDK, android SDK and Javascript and they are further integrated with the tool or server of the advertiser. Here are the parameters to measure the fraud increases significantly.

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